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On the banks of the Spring River | Portland Maternity Photographer

Last week, the boys and I flew across the 2,000 miles that separates my new home in Portland from my old home in Arkansas. It was the perfect time to catch up with my family and the week went by way too fast. My sister  Ariel and sister in law Sarah were also in town for the first weekend I was there and we had planned to photograph Ariel since she is expecting her first little one in November. The three of us are all so far away from each other now that we knew we wouldn’t see each other again until the baby is here. So, we left the boys with my mom and walked down to the river. I really think this quiet little place is one of the most beautiful places on earth. My mom had posted the first picture this little canoe dock on her Hardy Pottery Facebook page in June and I knew this would be the perfect spot for us to go. I’m sure the canoes will be put away until next summer in the next few weeks, but I was so glad they were still out, I love the bright colors with the green all around. The day we had together, it was dark and rainy but it was dry enough for us to shoot and since this was the only day we had to work with, we used it! Anyway, these were my favorites, I can hear us together when I look at them. 


Waiting | Lake Oswego Maternity Photographer




Radiant | Portland Maternity Photographer

We met downtown near Jamison square for there session and it was a gorgeous night. Perfect light, quiet streets and these two beautiful parents. I just can’t wait to meet their little girl in a few weeks. Here’s a quick sneak peek from this session, more tomorrow!


Autumn | Maternity Photographer in Portland Oregon